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About the Artist

   I've been compelled to draw and create since I could hold a crayon, and spent the first half of my life teaching myself how to develop that natural talent. I have worked as a professional artist and illustrator since my teens, exploring many genres and creative industries.


   In 2011, my amazing husband and I combined his building skills and my artistic flair to create Calliope The Wonder Wagon - a gypsy-style camper trailer and mobile work of art.


   My quest to infuse this collaborative project with meaning led me to explore the fascinating world of symbolic imagery. As I researched and sketched, I found myself blending together my many artistic inspirations, including Celtic knotwork, art nouveau, fantasy art and traditional folk art styles of many cultures, creating a unique and appealing art style.

   This new direction also took me on a journey into the mystical and sacred realms, exploring spiritual traditions from around the world. These ideas sparked many art pieces intended to not only please the eye, but to inspire mindfulness, reverence and celebration.


   In 2014, I began exploring the notion of appying my designs to jewelry, and taught myself how to etch images into copper and use various jewelers' techniques to create necklaces, earrings and cuff bracelts. 


2015, I discovered coloring books for adults, and a whole new world of possibilties opened up to me. I hope to continue to explore this art form and create more fun and beautiful interactive art that we can collaborate on together.

In recent years, I have been creating color digital artwork and recording my screen as I work, creating timelapse videos of my creative process.  Visit my YouTube channel to watch me work:

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