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What do I need to use Digital Editions and Print Packs?


  • You'll also need a printer, preferably a laser printer. 

You can print out pages with an inkjet printer, but be aware that some coloring mediums may cause the inkjet ink to bleed or smear.  Laser printer toner is pretty bullet-proof and I have yet to find a coloring medium that affects it.


If you don't have a laser printer - you might want to consider getting one.  They used to cost thousands of dollars, but these days you can get a decent one for less than $100, which might be a reasonable investment if you'd prefer to print out your own pages (as many as you want!) instead of buying printed books.  There are also lots of free givaway coloring pages available online that you'll be able to print out.


Another option if you don't have a laser printer is to take your downloaded .pdf file to a copy shop and have them laser print them for you.


Regular copy paper works well for most coloring mediums, but there are many kinds of papers that can be used with laser printers to choose from, including heavier weight cardstock and papers with different surface textures.  Experiment with different papers and mediums to find what you like.


  • You'll need a PayPal account. 

PayPal is a secure and reliable payment service that I have used for many things for many years. 

Setting up an account is free and fairly simple.  You can use your bank account or a credit card to provide funds.

More info here:

  • If you don't have a PayPal account, you can use a credit card to purchase downloads from my Etsy shop:


What am I allowed to do with downloaded digital files?

When you purchase one of my downloads, you are granted the right to print out as many copies as you want of the pages within the file - for Personal Use Only.  Personal Use means you can print out copies for yourself to color.  I also extend this to other members of your household, though not all artists include this in thier Personal Use licenses.


I encourage you to share your colored pages online - and ask that you please include my name and the name of the book (if applicable) in the post.  A link to this website would be ideal!  That way, if people like the image, they can easily find me and my work to purchase for themselves.


What you CAN'T do:

  • Post uncolored images online

  • Sell images (colored or uncolored) or use them on any kinds of commercial products.  If you are interested in licensing my images for commercial use, please contact me to discuss possibilities.

  • Print out multiple copies for friends or groups.  Other adults are capable of purchasing their own pages.  If your coloring group or class would like to work with a single image, contact me and we can work out a group license so everyone doesn't have to purchase an entire book or Print Pack. 


What's the Big Deal with sharing images?

While it might seem like a generous thing to do, what you are doing when you give away or post unauthorized images is devaluing the artist's time and work.  Images come cheap on the internet these days, and making a living as an artist is extremely challenging because many people feel like they shouldn't have to pay for art.  But each image represents not only hours of work, but years of study, experimentation and practice.  The artists have bills to pay and families to support, and thier time and skill are just as valuable as anyone else's. You will probably be getting hours of enjoyment for a relatively small price (generally less than $0.50 per image)  - an unusually excellent value!


Once an unauthorized image gets out there on the internet, there's very little we can do to prevent people from using it without the artist getting any compensation.  Do not assume that images posted on Pinterest or other sharing sites are authorized.  If you're not sure, look up the artist's (or publisher's) website and see if they have officially posted images for free use.  If you can't find any info about free pages on the artist's website, the image has probably been illegally uploaded and shared without their permission or knowledge.


Coloring books are an incredible new opportunity for artists to sell thier art to people who will truly appreciate and enjoy it.  Please respect our rights and our work and we will gladly continue to create new images for you to color.  :)


Downloadable Digital Editions are instant gratification - simply click the "Get it Now" button, pay through PayPal, and download the file through the provided link.  Once the file is saved on your computer, you can open it with an app that reads the .pdf file format and print out pages on your own printer.  No waiting - no shipping charge!


Digital Editions contain everything included in the printed books; art pages as well as text pages that contain art descriptions and coloring tips.

How do Downloads work?
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